E&I Engineer


Review of Construction Contractors plan and manning profile to ensure all Phase 3 project scopes are known
* Assess E&I Construction scope growth and ensure correct NORMS are applied to the plan and manning profile
* Able to survey onsite to help unlock construction work fronts - SIMOPS experience between piping and E&I construction contractors
* Able to answer / manage technical queries to prevent blockers to E&I Construction plan
* Able to assess scopes which are not clearly defined and assist E&I Construction Contractor to build workpacks
* Able to search engineering documents held within the clients document control system to progress workpacks
* Liaise with CSL Doc Control to ensure the correct revisions of documents are used for workpacks
* Identify and rectify any queries between engineering deliverables and brownfield tie-ins or completed work from previous construction Phases
* Liaise with E&I Construction supervisors on site to resolve day to day SIMOPS clashes between other construction contractors.

Managed by Emma