Successful project delivery: How OCCMS can help

Successful project delivery: How OCCMS can help

How we support your project

OCCMS has developed a range of services and software to support your project throughout each stage. Today, we’ll explore our consultancy, completions and commissioning services, as well as our responsive Orbit application. To view our full suite of services, click here.


Our consultants work closely with clients to close gaps in their current project delivery practices and refine outputs. Each OCCMS specialist has over 20 years of experience in an area of project management, completions or commissioning.

Listening carefully and moving quickly, our consultants can provide projects with early support and in-depth performance audits, as well as reactive project recovery assistance.

In 2007, our consultants supported Addax Petroleum (Gabon), a Sinopec Group subsidiary, with a base study investigation and gap analysis breakdown to assess existing work methods. Based on their findings, OCCMS was appointed to establish best practices for recruitment and training, amongst other responsibilities. An in-country OCCMS core team was set up to implement modern work practices across the company, resulting in enhanced performances for each of Addax’s projects.

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Projects often involve multiple contractors and stakeholders, with a complex network of contractual relationships between them. When we provide a client with completions support, we work with existing engineering, procurement and construction partners to ensure works are completed in line with the agreed programme.

Breaking down every element of a project as part of an in-depth audit, we can determine what needs to change to bring works back into line. This is an end-to-end project management process that often involves pre-commissioning, qualification and validation, and operations support.

OCCMS was appointed by EDF to provide completions support for its Hinkley Point C nuclear new build project. By examining existing systems and processes, we were able to provide actionable recommendations to improve alignment between stakeholders and to streamline the company’s internal completion management systems for future use.

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Appointing with the right contractors and consultancies ensures projects are delivered to the highest standards. At OCCMS, our commissioning team comprises specialists with an intimate knowledge of their respective industries.

We select from a globally mobile talent pool that demonstrates a technical competency and the mindset necessary to deliver works to schedule. Recently, OCCMS was appointed by a client within the UK defence industry to conduct a peer review of its Commissioning Modernisation Plan. We were asked to identify areas for improvement in terms of commissioning for the design, build and delivery of seven nuclear-powered submarines.

Existing techniques were compared with OCCMS’ detailed commissioning road map, which led to several findings and recommendations for the client to implement. One of the key recommendations was a change in culture in order to prevent communication breakdown between stakeholders and reduce bottlenecks.

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Orbit is our responsive completions and commissioning project management software. It is used to centralise information and align every part of a project by documenting project status, changes, deficiencies and handover status.

With its API function, Orbit can connect seamlessly with other systems and software ensuring speed and efficiency. It can also be used securely anywhere in the world by as many users as needed. It shares real-time data, so there is never confusion about how the project is progressing.

An intuitive dashboard gives project managers a snapshot view of current challenges, allowing them to identify priority areas of focus. Explore Orbit.

Oil and gas company TAQA UK identified a need to refine its Completion Management System by providing key stakeholders with a greater overview of project closeout activities.

Amongst the challenges it was experiencing, the company was frustrated by major delays in closing out Technical Queries (TQs). TQ closures often involve a complex series of assessments and approvals.

OCCMS implemented Orbit across TAQA UK’s five active North Sea projects, modifying the codebase to ensure it directly responded to the client’s requirements. Project tracking soon became much easier, with a traceable TQ workflow leading to a much more efficient management system.

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Final thoughts

When people and procedures are carefully managed, projects can be delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standards. OCCMS support gives companies the confidence that their projects will be delivered successfully.

Next steps

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